Frequently asked questions

  • Flat Price of $300 for Residents & $450 for Physicians (Best price in the entire industry)
  • Quick Response time - Our analyst will respond to your questions in 2 hours
  • Expeditious processing of applications
  • 100% refund without any conditions within 5 days (Click here for Refund Policy)
  • Clear information on the Process, Eligibility requirements and conditions
  • Time-consuming verification requests like Med Ed, USMLE Scores, License etc
  • Continuous follow-up with boards and all verification entities
  • Re-submitting application materials and explanations as needed by the medical boards
  • Once Dr. Licensing team receives your information, a completely filled application is sent to you within 48 hours for your signature. Meanwhile, we will reach out to the required offices for credential validations such as your medical school, postgraduate training, employment, exams, and FCVS profile as required by the state medical board. After all the required information is gathered, your medical license package is sent to the respective medical board by overnight shipping. We will follow up with the board to make sure that your application is received and is processed. We then continue to follow up on a regular basis to get you an update. Our online system will provide you with the status regarding your license application.

    Yes, you will instantly get an email notification for any changes happening to your application.

    Our turnaround time to deliver the application for your signature is at max 48 hours after the payment is made. You will be assigned a consultant who will be at your service. Our response time to your email will be less than 2 hours.

    We will respond to your emails in less than 2 hours. You can chat with one of our representatives during the business hours (8 am EST to 10 pm EST). You can call us at 1-888-999-3130 (Toll Free).

  • When using Dr Licensing services, the entire licensing process may take from 2 to 4 months depending on the medical board that you are applying to. Some states will issue license once the application file is completed while other boards require that the file be presented at their board meeting. In addition, some states require an interview before they issue a license to the physician. Medical board can take up to 2 – 3 weeks after they receive the documents from Doctor Licensing Services to review your package. Our consultants will work with the board on your behalf and we will follow up to make sure that your package is processed. We will update you on the status of your application. Following are the factors that may lengthen the process:
  • Selecting a state that processes a high volume – Like Florida, Texas, California, New York, NJ
  • Time of year - the busy season for medical boards is from March through September
  • Lengthy or difficult to verify professional history
  • A history of malpractice claims professional disciplinary action etc.
  • We have streamlined the application process to simple 4 methods
  • Register &Upload your documents or
  • Register & Fill online application (Link of apply now here) or
  • Email/Fax your CV and we will start the application or
  • Click on the “ call me” and we will call you to gather required info
  • Sign and authorize the application after we send you the completely filled application (through mail/email)
  • Go for a background check as required by the medical board that you are applying for
  • Yes. Soft copy does not cost anything. For hard copy, there is a Duplication fee of $50 for your board application. This is to cover for all the admin expenses including shipping.

    We do not sell information to third party players. Your information is always safe with us. All the forms bearing your personal information are only disclosed only to the medical board that you are applying to. Information may be transferred to other “medical licensing authorities” and other government law enforcement agencies.

    Yes, you are charged for shipping and tax (i.e. 6%)

    We will send you a confirmation email as soon as your application is received by Doctor Licensing Team.

    Yes and the fee is only $99. We will remind you about the renewal dates well in advance. If you are a customer of Dr.Licensing, it will be an easy process since Dr.Licensing already has your information that is required for renewal.

    FCVS is useful for international medical graduates to eliminate the need for repeated direct verification of your medical education.

    Yes, Dr. Licensing is more than happy to set up your profile at no cost. Save yourself some time.

    Your information will remain stored in our secure database for life. Never again will you need to fill the entire application. Any time you wish to apply for license in another state, a quick phone call to our licensing specialist will get the process started.

    No, just send us your resume and we will fill the form for you. You can later review and approve.

    Yes. When you start your application, we will give you access to our members’ area on Doctor Licensing website & any updates that we get can be seen in your account page.

    Check for accuracy of the information and it should be in accord with your documents submitted. Incorrect information can and will delay your process with the respective medical board.

    No, We request the user to type in their cell number during the registration process.