Our Process

At Dr. Licensing, we are committed to reduce the time it takes for a Doctor to obtain their State License. We strictly adhere to the application process required by the Medical Boards and make the application process simple, quick and effective for you. To streamline the process and to save you time, we have the following 4 methods to obtain your State License by availing Dr.Licensing Services.

Register & Fill Online form

If you want to take the time to fill out your personal details, you can simply register yourself and fill out our 10 minutes on-line application form and upload the required documents. Our analyst will take it from there for you!

E-mail or Fax your documents

Are you hard-pressed for time? We are always here for you. E-mail or fax the required documents and our consultants will complete the rest of the process. We will fill your application form, take your approval and get you licensed in the State you want to practice!

Register & Upload documents

Filling an on-line application form could be cumbersome for quite a few of you. Just register & upload your documents on to our portal and we will take it from there. We will fill the application form, take your approval and then process the application with the State Medical Board!

Call us & we will do it

Do not have all the information and is pressed for time? Simply "Call us" and provide the required details. Our analyst will do the registration, fill your application, take your approval and then process the application with State Board!

Get free consultation

  • Stuck with queries on how to get your Physician License? Contact our Licensing consultants to get your queries resolved & apply for your medical license today.
  • Phone: 1-888-999-3130
  • Email: info@doctorlicensing.com

Why Doctor Licencing

  • Better service
    • Get the best price
    • Hassle free process
  • Largest Selection
    • Operates in 50+ states
    • Can apply for multiple states
  • We are always here
    • Call or email us any-time and get immediate support for your licensing needs. We promise a response time of 2 hours